Orbital Hosted Pay Page

Orbital® Hosted Pay Page

Limit access to payment data and provide seamless checkout.

Orbital® Hosted Pay Page makes it easier for you to protect your customers' payment account data while providing a seamless checkout experience.

When you add Orbital Hosted Pay Page to your checkout, our Orbital Payment Gateway clones your website look and feel into a payment page that is securely hosted outside your environment. The consumer enters payment data directly into a secure server, and your company never has to receive or store this sensitive data.

  • Potentially reduce the cost and scope of PCI compliance
  • Maintain complete control of your branding throughout the customer payment cycle
  • Secure your customers' payment data
  • Minimize initial and ongoing IT resource impacts

Your customers also get a richly branded payment experience with our hosted payment page. Each time a transaction is conducted, we clone your website look and feel, providing a seamless customer experience. This minimizes customer confusion and security concerns, reducing shopping cart abandonment.
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